Most homeowners go to a furniture store and buy sets of furniture for whatever room they happen to be furnishing. If that room is the kitchen, you will probably buy a breakfast nook set complete with table and chairs or benches.

However, a few prefer to decorate their kitchen by simply picking a wide variety of furniture from various sources. If you buy an old wooden table at a garage sale and then put chairs donated by different family members or found on e-Bay around it. The eclectic gathering will be a decorating statement of its own.

Many restaurants take a page out of this playbook. The jumble of different styles and qualities gives the people in the room something to look at as well as discuss.


Sometimes it is difficult for a homeowner to show their sense of style with a kitchen. Other rooms in a house are empty canvases for a new occupant to fill as they wish to reflect their personal style. Kitchens generally come fully equipped with appliances, cabinets, and counter tops already decided for you.

Of course, you can paint the cabinets and change the appliances, but color alone does not make much of a statement. The best opportunity you have to show your style and personality is with the selection of your breakfast nook tables and chairs.

Breakfast nook sets come in all shapes and sizes as well as different materials and styles. You can make the room look traditional with a wood table and benches or very trendy with a high metal table with stools. The possibilities for showing off your individuality are endless.