Keeping Grout Clean

November 1, 2009

When you are decorating a bathroom or kitchen that has a tile floor or tile walls, a very important part of your decorating decision is the grout. Tile grout comes in many colors and textures and the choice for texture and color is made to accentuate the colors or patterns in the tile or other decorating elements in the room. Homeowners may understand the importance of the tile grout when they are picking it out, but they quickly forget as time goes on. As time passes, dirt, grime, mold, and mildew change the color or texture of your grout and completely change the look of the room. People need to remember to keep their grout clean so that they can continue to appreciate the decorating decisions made in the beginning. Therefore, with that in mind, people often wonder about what the best grout cleaners are.

If you have let things get bad, then an oxygen bleach solution would probably be your best choice. Oxygen bleach products like OxiClean, are not as toxic as chlorine bleach products, but they are just as effective. Mix one cup of oxygen bleach powder with two gallons of water and test the solution on a small inconspicuous spot of your tile grout to make sure that it does not adversely affect the grout. Once you are confident there will be no erosion or damage to the grout, pour the solution over an area of tile and grout and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Then scrub with circular motions.