Art For Your Kitchen

April 10, 2009

Since many families spend the majority of their time together in the kitchen and tend to entertain there as well, it is common to want to display art there. If you want to adorn the walls of your kitchen with art, there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

Since most breakfast nooks or eat-in kitchens are relatively small, you should choose pieces of art that fit the walls appropriately. In addition, if the piece is smaller, often the art is meant to be appreciated at a closer distance. The close quarters of the breakfast nook will allow for that intimacy.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the art you choose should match the feel and personality of the kitchen furniture. If you have a country style furniture like a wooden table with benches then it would not be appropriate to hang a Picasso or pop art. Maybe your kid’s early drawings in a frame would be more appropriate.

Finally, make sure you take precautions to protect your art. The kitchen and dining areas tend to present hazards to your wall art like food and grease. Make sure your art is properly framed to protect it.


Sometimes it is difficult for a homeowner to show their sense of style with a kitchen. Other rooms in a house are empty canvases for a new occupant to fill as they wish to reflect their personal style. Kitchens generally come fully equipped with appliances, cabinets, and counter tops already decided for you.

Of course, you can paint the cabinets and change the appliances, but color alone does not make much of a statement. The best opportunity you have to show your style and personality is with the selection of your breakfast nook tables and chairs.

Breakfast nook sets come in all shapes and sizes as well as different materials and styles. You can make the room look traditional with a wood table and benches or very trendy with a high metal table with stools. The possibilities for showing off your individuality are endless.

The kitchen is a very square and angular place. Cabinets and appliances are rectangular. All of these straight lines make it hard to add personality or warmth to the room. One way to improve the ambiance is with colorful or rounded window treatments.

It does not matter if you choose curtains or shades; either choice can be made in various textures and colors. You can bring out the subtle colors in your counter top, the grain of the wood in your kitchen table, or play off the themes present in your china.

To hide the hardware from hanging curtains or shades, it is common to install a valence or cornice. These decorative touches can be rounded at the edges or full and rounded in general to help soften the lines of your kitchen.

There are plenty of ways to decorate your kitchen do not include putting things on the walls. One of those is using the chairs or benches in your breakfast nook area. Many seating arrangements can be made more comfortable by adding cushions.

Cushions also provide an opportunity for you to add a splash of color or design to your space. You can play off the color scheme of your dishes, counter tops, wall color, or window treatments. Cushions can be ordered from catalogs or custom made to fit odd shaped or sized seating arrangements.

If you prefer not to use cushions, having the seats or backs of your chairs in different colors can add personality to the kitchen as well. As with cushions, many manufacturers will make special orders if you desire you chairs or benches to be painted.